Grace and Victory Counseling


My name is Dr. Ana Baratta and I'm the owner of GRACE AND VICTORY COUNSELING LLC. I enjoy helping people make significant changes in their lives that allow them to heal and be empowered. Using research based approaches and my own personal healing journey, I strive for providing clients with the psychological, spiritual and cognitive tools that they need to thrive in life. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, a life transition, the loss of a loved one, a miscarriage or relationship issues, I will help you to recognize possible internal and external factors that may be contributing to your pain. We will explore how you deal with difficult circumstances by identifying your strengths and areas of growth. I incorporate mindfulness/breathing techniques and solution based counseling to guide your healing journey.

Why Counseling?

Life can be messy and counseling has the potential of helping individuals to address the following life goals:
Improve sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy
Improve communication skills to express that you feel and what you need
Improve your ability to challenge irrational beliefs that may hinder achieving your goals.
Decrease and relief symptoms from depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions
Ability to manage stress and life transitions
Improve ability to express emotions
Increase ability to reframe difficult situations to promote problem solving
Acquiring and maintaining coping and resilient skills

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